ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Featuring a guest speaker from Forrester

The Future of
Secure Communications.

Real time communication is transforming. Get insights from Forrester, your peers and IT leaders.

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to better understand how secure real time
communications can transform the workplace.

Watch the on-demand webinar with Richard Lewis from Element and guest speaker
Heidi Shey from Forrester to unpack the key findings.

MicRichard Lewis

VP Product, Element



Guest speaker

MicHeidi Shey

Principal Analyst, Forrester

During the webinar Richard and Heidi discussed how…

  • Leaders are paying particular attention to real time communications with partners
  • A secure communications platform enables new ways of working, and specific use cases
  • A lack of control and data sovereignty are common obstacles to success
  • The importance - and evolution - of secure networks

This webinar will help you build a business case to future-proof 
your organization’s communication.

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