Why utility companies need secure, mission critical communications.


Cyber attacks, global outages and physical world disruption can cause cities to go without power and lives to be put at risk.

Element provides CNI and utility firms with secure and resilient real-time communication across their entire ecosystem to protect against external threats, improve productivity and ensure compliance.

Download the report to learn how Element empowers utility organisations to:

  • Ensure a separate, resilient network for mission critical communications
  • Customise real-time communication for your specific requirements
  • Communicate quickly and safely across the supply chain
  • Unite office and field-based teams

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Download report

Download report

6 ways to improve communication and resilience.

A utility company’s ability to respond to a breach is severely diminished if its communications are compromised as part of a larger attack. Learn why traditional communication and collaboration tools are simply not enough for the high-stakes utilities sector.

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